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Looking after our Furry Friends in Winter

Looking after our Furry Friends in Winter

The winter chill means more time spent inside keeping warm and cosy, and like us, our furry friends may need a little extra TLC. It’s still important to keep them active, and as the new year is usually the time we adopt healthy habits we’re here to equip pet parents with healthy diet and exercise tips.

Winter Walkies

It might be hard to motivate yourself to brave the cold on a frosty morning, but our pooches still love to get outdoors to explore. If you can’t walk your dog during daylight hours, invest in some reflective gear to stay visible on night-time walks. Whether it’s a new collar, lead or harness, our Reflective Range has you covered. Keep your pup snug in a winter jacket too, our new Joules Navy Fleece is both practical and stylish to boot!

If you have a rabbit or guinea pig, ensure they have access to a run every day. Our Options Deluxe Play Pen is a single 1m square run which can also be used against a wall to double the size of the run, or you can use two or more together to form a larger space.

Indoor Fun

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can keep your pet pals entertained during those longer days spent indoors.

Fight boredom and keep pooches' minds active with an interactive toy. Our new Nina Ottosson Activity Matz Fast Food Mat will keep paws busy with three physical and mental challenges.

Why not set up an indoor treasure hunt? If you have any spare boxes, turn them upside down and spread them around the room, placing a treat (or their fave toy!) under one or two of the boxes, for your pup to find.

When it comes to our feline friends, we’ve recently introduced Cat Naturals, following the popularity of our small animalrange. From new Catnip Balls and an Activity Carpet to an Activity Tree, your kitty will be entertained for hours.

And not forgetting our small furries, our Naturals Toys & Bed range, including Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer and Trio of Fun Balls, will provide endless fun.

Practice Training

Did you know that January is National Training Month? Clicker training is one of the most effective dog training methods, and can be used with treats or affection to teach your doggy to have a positive association with the clicker sound.

A Healthy, Nutritious Diet

At Rosewood, we believe in healthy and responsible pet treats. Our Natural Eats treat range for cats and dogs are packed full of nutritious ingredients. We also have a wide selection of tasty Naturals products for small furries too.

The correct nutrition also plays an important role in keeping our pets’ coats and skin healthy - another reason to make sure we’re feeding our pets the right food!

And, if you are worried about your pooch overeating, our Smart Slow Feeder is ideal for portion control and slowing down the speed of eating.

Share your ideas for keeping your pets entertained during the winter months on our social channels @rosewoodpet. 

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