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Our unique range of toys and beds are all completely natuaral free of any glue, wire or staples and sure to provide hours of fun for your furry friends.

Trio Of Fun Ball (Medium)

Trio Of Fun Ball (Medium)

Product code: 19478

Trio Of Fun Ball (Medium)

  • Suitable for all animals

Size: 8cm dia

Made from 100% natural materials, this trio of fun balls contains no glue, plastic or metal! Each pack contains three different balls, one made from natural seagrass, one from water hyacinth and one from rattan - all are safe to chew, gnaw and eat. Each ball is 8cm in diameter and helps to prevent boredom and stimulate most small animals, including: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, rats, mice gerbils, degus and even ferrets!

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