Naturals for Cat

Developed with the Naturals brand and principals in mind, Naturals for Cat offers all of the benefits of our small animal range including a focus on unique products using natural materials. Offering exciting and enriching products for both the consumer and their pets.

Naturals for Cat Back to Instinct Nature Active-Tree

Product code: 39063

Our Back To Instincts Nature Active Tree is made from Natural birch trunk, offering your cat the perfect place to scratch. Also included is a pack of mini catnip balls and some catnip sticks which are both also available to purchase separately. There are predrilled holes to fit the enclosed 100% natural mini catnip balls and catnip sticks, to offer multiple play opportunities. To add even more active play, there is a wicker ball and string supplied to tie onto the post, great for batting and swatting!

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