Reflective Range

Our Reflective range is a great solutuion to keep your dogs safe, particualty in the autmn and winter months when the days are shorter. Not only do our range of jackets, collars and accessories look great, they will keep your pooches safe in all walking conditions.

Reflective Easy Fit Harness

The Reflective Easy Fit Harness is highly visible in the low light with its reflective tape running through its design. It's made from soft, padded fabric and is fully adjustable. The harness will pull the dog from the chest area, giving the owner more control whilst also being comfortable for the dog. As its' name suggests, it is designed so that it makes it quick and easy for owners to place the harness on the pet. Its' packaging comes with clear pictorial instructions for ease of use. Available in three sizes.

12376Harness 10-14"
12377Harness 12-16"
12378Harness 16-20"
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