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Love is just a tail wag away

Love is just a tail wag away

How your pet shows they love you, and how you can show you love them.

February is the month of love, and what better time to show your pet how much they mean to you (like we need an excuse!) From playing together to showering them with affection, it’s pretty obvious when we adore our pets - but how can we tell how they feel about us?

How do our pets show affection?

First up, our pooches make it pretty obvious they adore us with clear signs from wagging their tail to jumping up to get up close and personal. But there’s lots of other surprising ways they can show their affection.

For many dogs, eye contact and gazing at you is a display of trust and affection. If your pup maintains eye contact with you regularly, this is a sign they feel a high level of attachment to you. Look for opportunities to make and hold eye contact with your dog as a bonding exercise, before tying something like this on a more nervous pet. It’s important to remember that affectionate eye contact is different from threatening eye contact.

Another way your dog may show their love for you is through physical touch - whether that’s licking, leaning, nosing or cuddling up to you on the sofa. When your dog leans their full weight against your legs, they’re displaying complete trust in you, and for many dogs, the lean is the equivalent of a full-body hug.

Our feline friends can be much more elusive, however there’s a few sure-fire signs you’re the centre of their world!

When it comes to showing affection, your kitty may treat you to a few head bumps - which can be a sign of marking their territory. The most obvious and common way cats show their happiness and love is through purring and rolling over - and it’s often a sign they feel relaxed around you too.

Gift-giving can also be a way your cat will show you they love you. If your cat has access to the outdoors, they’ll likely provide you with gifts in the form of small, sometimes dead critters. Some cats regularly catch and provide gifts, and others only leave occasional treats for their humans. It may be unwanted, but it’s proof that your cat thinks of you as family.

And not forgetting our small furries, it might be a little harder to spot signs of affection from your bunny but once you’ve built their trust, they’ll reward you with affection. This includes grooming you by licking you, circling your feet and by binkying - jumping up in the air and doing an adorable little twist!

How can we show our pets we love them back?

It’s equally important to show our pets how much you love them back and above everything, spending quality time together is key. If you’re taking some time every day to play, teach them new tricks and get essential cuddle time in, they won’t doubt your love is unconditional!

Try some of the following at home to help strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend:

  • Snuggle up for a cuddle - there’s nothing better than cosying up with your pet, so cherish moments like this!
  • Set some time aside to play with your pet - a game of fetch is a fun way to engage with them, and keep them active at the same time. Check out our range of activity toys for dogs, cats and small animals.
  • Dedicate some time for training - dogs especially love to learn. Teaching them new tricks or commands will not only build trust and communication, it will keep your pooch entertained. Why not start with clicker training?
  • Grooming is a great bonding activity - and it can be as simple as brushing their fur. Check out our grooming range, including a Cat Brush and a Dog Slicker Brush.
  • Treats don’t have to be naughty - there are plenty of tempting options to keep your four-legged friend satisfied and most importantly, healthy and strong.

Do you have a super special relationship with your pet? Share your tips and tricks for creating a great bond via our social channels @rosewoodpet

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