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Reducing our carbon footprint - introducing our eco-products

Reducing our carbon footprint - introducing our eco-products

We’ve been taking important steps to improve our sustainability, including updating our packaging and introducing a range of eco-friendly products.

Sara Blain, our Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager talks us through the team’s journey of creating these products:

Eco Dog Toys

Made using polyester fabrics and stuffing that are produced using 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

With four fun designs - a giraffe, elephant, flamingo and lion to choose from, these super-soft toys help responsible pet parents lessen their carbon paw print by using recycled materials for the fabric and filling instead of using virgin plastics.

After identifying that we wanted to introduce a range of dog toys made using more sustainable materials, one of our dedicated Product Managers worked with a long-established partner to help us come up with the perfect solution.

Using these fabrics is not only diverting plastic bottles from landfill or incineration but saving the use of virgin materials.

Rosewood Recycled Bird Feeders, from drinks cartons to wild bird feeders

Made entirely of recycled beverage cartons by our supplier in the Netherlands, these feeders make an excellent addition to the garden of anyone wanting to reduce their ecological burden.

Drinks beverage cartons, like those seen for orange juice and other beverages, have been successfully recycled for many years in over 25 mills in Europe. The average carton consists of 75% paperboard, 20% plastic and 5% aluminium. The long and strong paper fibres are used for industrial and consumer products. The polymer and aluminium layers (Poly/Al) which is released during the beverage carton recycling process, at a mill in Swalmen, is processed into a granulate.

The granulate is then suitable for being made into hard wearing items, such as plug boxes (demonstrating they meet high quality standards), gravel grids and bird feeders such as the BIRDe seed, peanut and fat ball feeders.

Rosewood launched these fantastic feeders into our range in July 2022.

Fun facts:

  • Every feeder is made using the polymer and foil layers from 21 beverage cartons, meaning that for every 300,000 units produced we are saving the previously discarded polymer and foil layer from 6.3 million cartons going to incineration.
  • 50% energy is saved compared to the manufacture of the feeders using virgin plastic 

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