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Prepping for a happy, safe Christmas with your furry friends

Prepping for a happy, safe Christmas with your furry friends

Tis’ the season to eat, drink and be merry, and for many pet parents, it’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes when you’re tucking into a tasty roast dinner with all the trimmings! Whilst there are certain foods to keep away from little paws, there’s plenty of delicious Christmas treats our beloved pets can enjoy so they don’t miss out on the fun.


Our 2022 Cupid & Comet range is brimming with tasty, nutritious treats so your furry friend can eat like royalty this Christmas. From Turkey Wrapped Carrot Twists and Mixed Meat Donut Trio for dogs, to our Turkey Cushions Gift Box and Naturals Selection Box for felines. Not forgetting our small animals, our Festive Fruit Tree and Festive Pass the Parcel will keep them happy during the festivities.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a stocking and if you don’t want to leave your doggo or kitty out on Christmas morning, our Christmas Dinner Stockings make the perfect gift, and they are packed with delicious yet nutritious treats.

Check out our Cupid & Comet collection on our Amazon shop.

You’re never usually far from a box of choccies at Christmas, but chocolate can make our pets poorly so it’s best to keep those selection boxes out of reach. Luckily, our Choco Drops are dog safe and enriched with vitamins and minerals, making the perfect alternative.

Other no-no festive foods to keep away from our pets include mince pies and Christmas pudding, as grapes and raisins are highly toxic to pets. When it comes to the main event, slipping your pooch some white meat from your plate isn’t likely to harm them, but be mindful of rich ingredients like onions and garlic, which can be toxic to our pups.

Winter Walkies

A winter walk will not only help to blow away the cobwebs after lots of over-indulging, but plenty of fresh air and exercise will help your pooch stick to a routine during the festivities.

If you are worried about your pet overeating, check out our Smart Slow Feeder which is perfect for portion control and slowing down the speed of eating.

Christmas Decs Watch

It’s not only us humans that are tempted to see what’s inside the beautifully wrapped presents sitting under the tree, so it’s best not to leave pets alone with gifts!

Take care with baubles and other Christmas decorations around pets as they aren’t paw-proof and can be dangerous if they shatter. Pooches, kitties and small furries can be attracted to twinkly lights, so use a cable protector that they can’t chew through, or get tangled in.

Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe may look pretty, but they are poisonous to our pets, so keep festive plants well out of their reach. If you want to be extra safe, stick to artificial plants.

Share your Christmas pet top tips on our social channels @rosewoodpet.

From everyone at Rosewood, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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