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Whether you’ve got a pampered pooch, a fancy feline or a smaller four legged friend, our new range of treats, toys and accessories are sure to get tails wagging.

Check out some of our favourites from the new range:

Did someone say playtime?

We’re going international with our latest collection of dog toys with a taste of Europe.

From Marcel Macaroon to Sergio Sausage, these super snuggly toys come with an added squeaker to encourage active play & prevent problem behaviours like excessive barking.

Our new range also features some fun Flavoured Rubber & Rope Toys, some of our favourites being the BBQ and mint flavours. These tough toys are made from both durable rubber and natural rope. Great for tug-o-war and available in two pastel colours which won’t look out of place at home.

Another addition is our Tufflove toys. The Tufflove Koala is available in two sizes, and features a soft and cuddly exterior and material core inside for hours of playtime fun.

Moody Moggy

Engage your cat's natural instincts with our claw-some range of Moody Moggy toys. Purr-fect for pouncing and playing, the collection features an adorable embroidered design making these toys extra loveable.

Some of our favourites include the Moody Moggy Rainbow Teaser, complete with a crinkle rainbow tail and added catnip to encourage chase and pounce - as well as the Moody Moggy Cardboard Scratcher, made from corrugated cardboard to encourage those natural instincts to scratch and play.

New to Naturals

Our popular Naturals range has five new introductions, including two unique forage and gnaw treats - the Carrot ‘N’ Forage Bunny and the Flower ‘N’ Forage Blossom. Super tasty, filled with goodies and made from an edible cellulose-fibre board coated in meadow hay - these forage toys will keep your little one entertained for hours.

We’ve also introduced some newness to our Boredom Breaker range, including the Burg-a-bob Gnaw Toy: a fun, hanging nibble toy made from natural loofah and wood, offering a great mixture of textures to stimulate and entertain your furry friend.

Tasty Treats

We’ve added to our selection of yummy treats with our new Insect Treats. Made from insect protein, an alternative protein source to meat, you can treat your pooch whilst protecting the planet!

Some of our new favourites also include the Cheesey Crunchy Meatballs. With a delicious soft outer layer and crunchy inner layer, these cheese and turkey flavour treats are a yummy addition to your dog's diet.

Our new feeding bowls will also make sure every mealtime is su-paw stylish. Our new Wooden Shaped Cat Bow is a stylish and modern solution to feed your cat, or why not try our Silicone Double Diner Slow Feeder for your pooch? Designed to slow down your four-legged friend when it comes to meal times, this bone shaped bowl engages your dog while helping to reduce overeating behaviour.

Looking after our wild birds

Finally, we can’t forget our sky-high companions. Our Recycled Wild Bird Feeders are made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning you can feed wild birds whilst being kinder to the environment. These modern and robust feeders prevent 21 drink cartons from going to landfill - plus, they use over 50% less energy to produce compared to other plastic feeders!

Check out the full range of new products here: https://www.rosewoodpet.com/new-products

Products available from various retailers and online retailers.

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