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Top Tips For Managing Pet Care Costs

Top Tips For Managing Pet Care Costs

In our recent survey, it was revealed that 69% of pet owners make personal sacrifices to accommodate pet care. Devoted pet parents admitted they cut back by shopping in cheaper supermarkets and even dipping into their savings to care for their furry friends.

To help you prevent any extra costs, we’ve put together some top tips for keeping your pet nice and healthy and prioritising your pet’s well being without breaking the bank

1. Daily exercise: Regular exercise by walking your dog at least once a day provides many health benefits, and what’s more, it’s free! Interactive toys are a great way to keep pets active, and they provide hours of entertainment too. You and your pooch can have a great game of throw and fetch with a tennis ball!

2. Groom at home: Grooming appointments don’t come cheap but it’s something you can do at home with the right tools and knowledge! It’s a great way to bond with your furry friend, and it’ll save you money on appointments. Why not try out our Soft Protection Slicker Brush or Moulting Comb?

3. A balanced diet: It sounds simple, but a well-balanced diet is essential to keep our pets fit and healthy, as well as ensuring they have access to fresh, clean water to stay hydrated. Buying in bulk can work out cheaper, if you are able to

4. Smart purchasing: There are plenty of sustainable products so think about investment purchases, such as tough toys with a rope core that are likely to last a while. The Rope Core Cow is one of our favourites!

5. Brush up on good dental hygiene: Prevention is key. Using pet specific toothpaste decreases the risk of infection in your pet’s mouth. Most veterinary practices offer a free dental appointment service for new pet parents, and the nurse will be able to tailor a dental home care plan to your pet. We’d recommend the Vet’s Best Clean Teeth Finger Pads or Dental Care Kit.

We also spoke to veterinary nurse Meg Richards, who shares her advice for prioritising pet’s wellbeing, without sacrificing your own.

“Prevention really is better than cure, and being prepared for unexpected injuries or illnesses can take some of the stress away when you are worrying about your pet.

“Doing your research into an insurance policy that provides a lifetime cover and joining your veterinary practice’s routine health care club would be the best way to keep on top of routine healthcare. Knowing the monthly or annual costs of such plans can also help you budget for an emergency situation if needed.

“Many vet practices also offer free consultations with a nurse, in which you can discuss the care of your pet and provide professional and non-judgmental advice, whatever the circumstance.

“Also, it’s important to remember that your dog or cat just needs to feel loved! As long as you are meeting their welfare needs, and providing a safe home, they will be happy.”

We asked you how much you spend on your pets

Our survey found that, despite the rising cost of living, we still love to spoil our four legged friends with almost half of those surveyed still shopping for pet treats on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Owners have found their pet’s bed to be the most costly investment purchase, with cat towers and scratchers coming in close second followed by pet insurance.

New pet parents found routine vet visits to be the most unexpected cost of pet care, followed by insurance and pet supplies. 

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