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Reducing our Paw Print on the World!

Reducing our Paw Print on the World!

At Rosewood, we’ve been taking important steps to become more environmentally friendly, this has included some recent changes to our packaging. Sara Blain, our Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager, talks us through the work Rosewood is doing to become more sustainable…

With most consumers now acutely aware of the damage caused by plastics in our ocean and the ethical and environmental impacts arising from waste handled by third world countries; at Rosewood we felt we needed to do our part to turn the tide on unsustainable packaging.

Reducing Pallet Wrap

We already bale all used pallet wrap and cardboard, which is sold onwards to recoup some of the expenditure on packaging, diverting these streams from landfill. We make sure too that we only use waste contractors that follow all the necessary due diligence.

Our Operations Team have worked very hard to reduce the amount of pallet wrap used on outgoing goods, saving vital resources whilst making sure the quality of products are not affected. And our Marketing Team has been working hard to make improvements to our packaging across the ranges, striving to make more sustainable choices.

Less Plastic

Our first step has been to, where possible, remove any single use plastic and replace this with carefully constructed recyclable card options. Where it has not been possible to remove the plastic packaging we have reduced the volume of it and aimed to make it removable and recyclable.

By the end of 2022, all of our new swing tickets and backing cards will be made using a water based finish. Rest assured, this packaging can still be recycled with normal paper or card kerbside collections (depending on local council schemes).

We are working closely with our suppliers to reduce unnecessary infill packaging and where plastic inner bags are still required we have mandated that these are made using 100% recycled LDPE (low density polyethylene - a soft, flexible, lightweight plastic material).

New, Improved Packaging

You may start to notice some of our ranges will be changing their packaging change entirely – such as our Front-Connect Padded Dog Harness – these have been taken out of their large plastic clam shell boxes and placed onto some stylish looking card coat hangers. These now not only have less environmental impact but hopefully you’ll agree that they actually have a much nicer look in stores!

We still have work to do to meet our sustainability goals…but we are continuing to work through all of our existing product lines to help reduce our carbon paw-print on the world.

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