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Leaving Pets Alone Over The Festive Period

Leaving Pets Alone Over The Festive Period

With this Christmas looking much dif-fur-ent than last year, many of us will be making the most of having the chance to socialise and get together with friends and family over the festive season.

We understand it might not always be an option to take your furry friends with you to join in the festivities, but with many pets used to seeing more of us this year, it’s understandable you both might be feeling a little nervous about some time apart.

Here you can find our top tips to help you prepare and keep your pets safe and happy when you’re not around this pawliday season:

Fuss-Free Goodbye

Generally, dogs should not be left at home for more than four hours at a time. If you are planning on heading out without them for a couple of hours, take your pooch for a long walk beforehand...it’s the paw-fect way to tire them out and make sure they’ve had plenty of fresh air and exercise.

When you do leave the house, try not to make a big fuss especially if your pet is used to being in your company regularly. If your pup does suffer from separation anxiety, check out our Aromadog™range of squeaky toys...made using lavender-based blend of 100% therapeutic-grade essential safe oils, helping to calm and soothe anxious dogs.

Home Comforts

If you are staying out overnight and leaving your cat or dog with a relative or neighbour, allow enough time to familiarise themselves with whoever is looking after them. If they will be staying away from home, make sure they are already familiar with their temporary accommodation beforehand to help them settle as quickly as possible.

Why not pack your pooch’s favourite toy for comfort? If you’re looking for something to keep them entertained whilst they’re away from you, interactive toys - such as the Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Blu - make a paw-some distraction.

Cats are more self-sufficient and can be left alone for longer periods but they do need enough water, a fresh litter tray and a full meal before you leave. Whilst moggies don’t need walking like dogs, if you are going away for more than a night, it’s definitely a good idea for someone to check up on them.

Whilst you aren’t around, keep your kitty’s boredom at bay (and your furniture scratch-free!) with a cat scratcher or catnip toys...this Striped Penguin Feather Teaser would make a great gift from Santa Paws!

And when it comes to small furries, it's usually fine to leave rabbits and guinea pigs overnight but small animal pet parents will know they are not particularly independent and they do love company! If there is someone who can either look after them or come and check on them it might put your mind at ease. During the day, small animals will need to have unlimited access to clean water and fresh bedding.


If you are leaving your furry pal with a friend or relative, provide their usual food and treats with feeding instructions, and if your pet needs fresh food leave details of where to buy them.

Our Cupid and Comet festive range is full of irresistible treats to make sure your pets don’t miss out! The Christmas cheese board is an absolute must have in many households but giving too much cheese to our pet pals is not advised - even at Christmas - but our Luxury Christmas Cheeseboard Platter is the perfect option.

Who says stockings are just for humans? Spoil your kitty with our Christmas Dinner Cat Stocking - enjoy salmon for starters, turkey for main and cheese biscuits for dessert!

Not forgetting our small animals, our Naturals Berry, Carrot and Coconut Trees are a scrumptious gift for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or in fact any day your furries deserve it!

Sweet Dreams

And finally, don’t fur-get your four-legged friend will need to have a comfortable place to rest. Our Cupid and Comet Partridge Print Bundleis adorable, and very festive if you are looking for some new doggie bedding. If your pooch is staying away from home, keep disruption to a minimum by packing their fave doggie bed.

Our 40 Winks bedding is purr-fect for cats...your feline can lounge in style in our beary cute Brown Teddy Bear Cat Bed! And for those small furries, the Naturals Wintery Hay Cottage

is a cosy house made from parchment board coated in meadow hay, providing pets with security and a boredom breaking challenge.

We hope you all have a very Hoppy Christmas! We would love to see your favourite festive pet pics, please share with us using #MyRosewoodPet or tag us using @RosewoodPet.

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