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Preparing For The Festivities With Aromadog™

Preparing For The Festivities With Aromadog™

That’s right folks, Christmas is now just around the corner! That means fun and festivities for us pet parents and a visit from Santa Paws for our four-legged, furry friends. Whilst there’s lots to look forward to this party season, for millions of lockdown pets and those simply more adapted to a quieter pace of life post-lockdown, this winter may bring some heightened anxiety.

If you’re a little worried about how your pup pals might adapt to a season of noisy parties, unfamiliar guests, fireworks or family and friends knocking at the door, then we guarantee the NEW Aromadog™ range - supplied exclusively by Rosewood - will be your very best friend this woof-mas.

What is Aromadog?

The use of aromatherapy to calm, relax and recharge the mind is a method as old as time, and the Aromadog toys do just this by using a lavender-based blend of 100% therapeutic-grade essential safe oils. All of which help to calm your pooch, providing comfort and promoting healthier behaviour patterns.

Developed by professional aromatherapists, these adorable squeaky toys release a calming blend of essential oils into the air, which helps your pet associate the Aromadog toys with the feeling of being happy and being relaxed - and we all need a bit of rest and recuperation at Christmas!

And best of all, the Aromadog toys are recommended by veterinarians and dog approved!

Calming Your Overstimulated Pup

At this time of year, a normally quite well behaved dog may start to feel a little overwhelmed by a number of different things. Whether that’s new faces and loud noises in the house, or even just a drop - or spike - in the attention they’re given whilst pet parents are away from the house.

Fleece Laying Down Aromadog

The Aromadog Calming toy is designed to help ease any physical habits that may creep in this Christmas: things like repetitive behaviour, night pacing and separation anxiety. Allow your furry some time to cuddle up with one of our three designs, Fleece Dog, Fleece Flatty Dog, Fleece Laying Down Dog.

Toys For Fearful Furries

If you have the pleasure of homing a gorgeous rescue dog, you may find that heightened emotions come a little more often than just at Christmas time. With abandonment, can sometimes come emotional trauma, fearfulness and in some cases even aggression. Working through these issues with the Aromadog Rescue will help bring some peace and balance to your loved one’s life, making the busier Christmas periods that little bit easier to swallow.

This toy uses mixed oils, cypress, ylang ylang, lavender spikenard and neroli and comes in three adorable styles: Big Head Flattie Dog, Security Blanket Dog and Flattie dog.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? As our furry friends age, just like people, they start to lose their memory and can become quite absent-minded or easily confused. A lack of energy or drive to be able to get up and smell new things - like the Turkey dinner on the table - can mean that they’re not stimulating their senses enough.

Aromadog Senior is designed specifically for older doggos, targeting these problem areas to offer your companion a better quality of life. Using an oil mixture of rosemary, peppermint, bergamot, black pepper and ylang ylang, this super cute toy is available now in a handy Ring Body, the Floppy Blankie Body and a Mini Fleece With Rope Arms.

May Your Christmas Be Furry And Bright…

Christmas and New Year can be such a special time of year for both pets and parents, and for the most part gives us valued extra time with the ones we love most. With so much going on in the month of December, it’s best to introduce your Aromadog toy early on to familiarise your dog with its scents and get them used to their new friend, who will be there to look after them this festive season.

Explore the full range via our website: Rosewood Pet.

We would love to see your pets feeling festive with their favourite Aromadog toys, please share you pet pics with us using #MyRosewoodPet or tag us using @RosewoodPet.

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