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7 Tips For Autumn Pet Care

7 Tips For Autumn Pet Care

With colder months fast approaching now’s the time to start preparing your pet pals for the autumnal months ahead. From changing diets, new grooming regimes and things to watch out for, we will walk you through our top tips for pet parents as we open the door on the new season.

1. Health is Wealth

We know what you’re thinking, ‘ticks are a summer issue’ right? Whilst this remains true, it’s important to remember that pesky ticks can in fact survive throughout the winter months, and even thrive in autumnal settings such as large piles of compost and piles of garden leaves.

Keep fleas and ticks at bay with Flea, Tick Wipes For Dogs from the Vet’s Best range here at Rosewood. If it’s past the point of prevention, why not try these handy devices from our grooming range, Soft Protection Salon Grooming Mini Flea Comb and Soft Protection Tick Remover.

2. Glow in the Dark

As the darker nights draw in it’s important to keep your furries well lit. Whether they’re playing out in the dusk garden light or you’re out and about on walkies, for their safety it’s best to keep them visible.

The reflective range here at Rosewood is perfect for keeping your dogs visible in the winter months - and for your feline friends why not try our Cats Eyes Reflective Collars.

For those splishy splashy mud walks the gorgeous Rain Jacket Water Resistant Coats from our Joules x Rosewood collaboration is suitable for both cats and dogs! We have new extra-small size launching very soon which will suit smaller breeds as well!

3. Let Their Fur Grow

As pet parents begin to rummage to the back of their wardrobes for big winter jumpers and fleece blankets, our pets too will need their coats to keep them cosy and warm this Autumn.

Whilst you may be tempted to send them off for their regular grooming, it’s worth allowing their fur to grow just a little in the next few months. By all means, neaten up their coats and keep their nails trimmed using the Soft Protection Grooming Nail Clipper and Soft Protection Mould Stoppa brush.

4. Food for Thought

Keeping up a regular exercise routine throughout these colder months is vital. Whilst it may be harder to find motivation to get out walking with your pal, they will really thank you for it!

However, it is only natural that our pets will be spending a little less time out in the garden or out and about on long walkies so it’s important to adjust their feeding routine and treats to fit around this. Make sure to portion control their food and improve their dinner time habits with our Smart Slow Feeder.


5. Pesky Seasonal Dangers

The Autumn months bring with it many joys, from crisp country walks to cosy evenings by the fire and whilst our pals can enjoy these perks too, there are some dangers us pet parents need to be aware of to keep them safe.

For doggos in particular, acorns and conkers can cause some real trouble if accidentally swallowed while out on walks. As well as causing blockage issues to dog’s digestive systems, conkers also contain a chemical called aesculin which can be toxic to pups if swallowed.

One other thing to be wary of this time of year is antifreeze products. Even the smallest amount of antifreeze from bottles left on the side or leakages can cause kidney failure and in some cases death - particularly for cats.

As cats can climb onto the highest of shelves, make sure to store these products in a fastened and secure place tucked away.

6. No Tricks Only Treats

Keep the fun in Halloween this year and make sure chocolates and sweets are well out of reach from your pet pals. These tasty treats for children (and adults alike) can cause serious upset for dogs' stomachs.

It’s not all doom and gloom for pets at Halloween, there are some tasty treats that your furry can enjoy! Our Choc Drops are 100% dog safe enriched with vitamins and minerals and include no artificial colours or preservatives.

7. Prepare for Bonfire Night

If your pets are easily spooked by trick or treaters at the door or fireworks popping off in the local park the best way to deal with their stress is by making them feel as comfortable and calm as possible. Distracting them with comforters is always a winner and the Aromadog range available at Rosewood is the perfect toy for the job. Helping to soothe anxiety and hyperactivity, these adorable cuddly toys release aroma with each play.

When it comes to our kitties, if they’re feeling worried or anxious they tend to sneak off to a cosy corner where they feel more safe. Our new 40 Winks Bedding range includes the Round Cosy Plush Cat Cave, designed to keep your kitty comfortable - and when bonfire night is over, simply push down the fluffy entrance to create a flatter oval shaped bed.

Check out the full range of treats, toys, comforters and health care products to keep your pets safe, sound and happy this Autumn.

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