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How To Choose The Best Bed For Your Dog

How To Choose The Best Bed For Your Dog

Buying a bed for your pets should be an easy and fun task…right? Often selecting the right bed can become a little overwhelming, especially with so many styles out there. That’s why we've launched a brand new bed range with something for all canines and their needs, so there’s no need to endlessly trawl the internet.

From nervous pups to mucky pups, in the new Rosewood bed range we have considered all eventualities and here we guide you through the best beds in the range for your dog.

For Nervous and Fearful Furries

If you’ve found yourself pet parenting a nervous or anxious pup then the Silver Fluff Comfort Bed from our new collection is the perfect anxiety bed for this kind of companion. With super soft faux fur, extra cosy bed with high raised sides provides a soothing sense of security for your pet, as well as a comfy neck rest.

This bed actually comes in three handy sizes, the smallest of which can be used by our feline family too!

For Old Dogs Needing New Tricks

You may find that older dogs spend more time in their beds as they become a little lazier in their old age, so it’s important you find them a bed to suit. The Grey Felt Bed With Support is designed with senior dogs in mind but considering just how much time our pals spend in bed, it’s perfectly suitable for younger dogs too.

With an orthopaedic base and high rise sides for your pet’s head to rest, this bed gives additional support for your dog’s bones and joints as they snooze.

For Designer Doggies

We know that for many pet parents, fitting pet accessories into your stylish home decor is important to you, that’s why we’ve designed this gorgeous Brown Cosy Fur Print Bed & Mattress. This luxurious animal print sleeper comes in both a bed and a mattress and is definitely the most glamorous place to snuggle down.

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle and classic to fit with your interior, and provide your furry friend with a soft and luxurious place to rest, the Blue Sky Stripe and Grey Velvet Striped Bed are great for this. Both with removable inner cushions and anti-slip base, these beds are perfect for any modern home.

For Mucky Pups

From time to time, and especially in the winter, our dogs find themselves head to paw in mud, so we’ve designed a Green Pile Fleece Bed perfect for active dogs after a long day outdoors.

Both stylish and practical, this warm bed is made from a highly breathable yet soft material which once machine washed, dries very quickly - great for rainy winter walks.

For Chilly Companions

Our dog’s bed often sits right on top of the floor, whether that be laminated, wooden or even stone tiles, sometimes this means our pets suffer in the chillier months. If your dog needs extra help warming up then the Luxury Fleece Heated Mattress from our new collection is the ideal bed for them.

This intelligent self-warming bed uses modern technology which collects and retains your pup’s body heat - with no electricity required! Under the luxurious fleecy top layer sits a foil coat that collects and retains your pet’s radiated heat, so you can stay rest assured that their temperature won’t drop significantly in the night.

For Small Dogs

The last, but certainly not least, in our brand new bed collection is the Silver Felt & Fur Plaited Bed. This gorgeous woven bed is designed with a smaller pup in mind - or even a feline friend - and designed to mimic the feel of a basket, it’s perfect for a modern household.

With an inside reversible cushion, your pup has the option for luxurious fur or a cosy felt and provides a snug environment for your pet pal to dream away!

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