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Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy in Autumn

Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy in Autumn

It’s hard to believe we’re soaking up the last days of summer and preparing for another change in season. We’re looking forward to crisp, colourful walks in fallen leaves and cosy evenings snuggled up indoors, however the change in season can bring a new set of challenges and potential hazards for our furry friends.

We’ve put together our top tips for keeping pets safe and happy during the colder months:

Shine Bright

With only a few weeks until the clocks turn back and the nights draw in, make sure your pooch is visible on dark walks with reflective clothing and accessories. Our Silicon Collar Light will make sure you can both be seen clearly in the dark up to half a mile away. Our reflective range also includes a LED jacket and easy fit harness.

Fight the Fleas

We might not associate fleas and ticks with cooler weather, but they can still be an issue in autumn and winter - warmer indoor temperatures as the central heating is cranked up are the ideal temperatures for them to hatch and grow. Thicker, warmer coats on our pets also make the perfect spot for fleas to live and reproduce. Keep a regular eye on your pet’s coat and reduce flea infestations by using a flea and tick spray.

You can also provide soothing relief from pet’s itching with an Allergy Itch Relief Shampoo.

Safe and Sound

Autumn is also Halloween and fireworks season but sudden loud noises can be extremely overwhelming for pets, especially if you’ve got some spooky visitors arriving at your door!

Even if you’re not having fireworks in your own garden the loud noises in the neighborhood can still scare your pet, so it’s best to keep them indoors.

Both cats and dogs can become extremely anxious at this time of year so keeping them in a place they are familiar with can help to make them feel safer.

Pets that usually live outside such as rabbits or guinea pigs may get frightened too by the loud noises, so it’s a good idea to bring them inside whilst the fireworks are going on.

If you have a particularly anxious kitty, our Vet’s Best Comfort Calm Gel helps to relax and soothe during unsettling situations. Similarly, Comfort Calm Tablets for dogs can help during times of increased stress, but make sure you check any health conditions with a vet first before taking them.

Beware of the Freeze

During colder weather, kitties will often seek a warm, cosy place to rest underneath cars so check for any hidden guests before you make a car journey. Try honking your horn to send a warning to any sleeping cats who may be hiding under the engine.

Anti-freeze may be a winter essential for defrosting your car, but it can be extremely harmful to our furries if ingested, so make sure it’s kept out of reach of little paws.

Watch the Weight

With shorter days and lower temperatures, it might be harder to stick to your regular dog walks in the colder months. Keep an eye on their weight and make sure you adjust their food intake accordingly to avoid too weight gain. If you do struggle with portion control, our Smart Slow Feeder will help you keep track of how much your pet needs, plus it has an anti-scoff design to slow down the speed of eating.

We are introducing some tasty new treats, including Veggie Dog Treats Carrot and Broccoli which provide the paw-fect healthy snack. Kitties will love our new value pack Crunchy Chicken Cushions. And not forgetting our rabbits and rodent friends, our Autumn Harvest makes a delicious seasonal snack.

We’re also excited to introduce our new Double Diners feeding bowls - not only do they make a stylish addition to feeding time, they aid digestion.

Play Time!

And finally, keep energetic pets entertained from the comfort of your home when they can’t get outside as much. Here’s a sneak peek from our new toy launch, all coming soon!

Felines will have hours of fun with our new Extendable Cat Scratching Post - it comes attached with a teaser toy for extra interactive fun. We’ve also added a kitten range to our popular Little Nippers toys.

Our new Chubleez Dog Toys include a hidden squeaker for interactive fun, and they provide a cuddly companion for your pooch. Choose from a range of colourful options including Froggy Long Legs, Colin Caterpillar and Hetty Hedgehog! Keep your eyes peeled for more...

Do you have any tips for keeping your furry friends safe during the winter months? Join in the conversation on our social channels @rosewoodpet.

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