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Keeping Furries’ Teeth Clean and Healthy

Keeping Furries’ Teeth Clean and Healthy

As most parents will know too well, it’s a challenge to get our kids to brush their teeth everyday, so for us pet parents, we understand how tricky it can be to keep our furries fresh mouthed and their teeth sparkling!

Good oral hygiene is essential for our animal companions and not just to reduce the whiff of those over excited greetings; a clean mouth means a healthy and happy pet.

So in celebration of Pet Dental Health Month, we’ve created some products and useful tips that will help ease the daily routine of keeping on top of those gnashers:

1. Brush Teeth Daily

Just like us, doggies need their teeth brushing daily to remove plaque and stay healthy. Keep brushing times short to stop your pooch getting agitated. There are a variety of toothbrushes, designed to fit in their mouth comfortably. Our Triple Headed Toothbrush for dogs is a game changer, and makes brushing fast, easy and effective!

If your pup finds it uncomfortable brushing their teeth, why not ease them into brushing with an oral rinse or gel? Try our Dental Gel for dogs at least two to three times a week to slow down the buildup of plaque.

When it comes to kitties, brushing their teeth daily is ideal, but in some cases it can be quite a challenge so start with brushing twice a week. Our Dental Powder for cats is the purr-fect temporary alternative, keeping their breath fresh and their peggies super clean.

2. Chew Toys & Treats

Another way to keep pets teeth healthy and clean is to offer them treats that have been designed to support their gums as well as their teeth. Our Magic Bone products are a paw-fect hygienic snack – not only are they super tasty and healthy, they contain no rawhide and are easily digestible. Our Chewy Bone products have been created with a texture that helps to clean teeth with every bite.

When it comes to toys, investing in chewing products is the best way to keep the back teeth of pets clean and improve their oral hygiene. The Bio-Safe Puppy Ball is the hygienic alternative to a normal chew toy, which not only prevents the growth of bacteria and massages gums, it also has a minty fresh scent!

3. Regular Dentist Visits

Just like us, dogs, cats and small animals need regular checks up to examine the health of their teeth. This is primarily to check if your furry friend is showing any signs of gum disease, or oral disease through an examination of their mouth, so it can then be treated promptly. Ensure you visit your local veterinarian to keep up to date with the health of your pet’s teeth.

4. Don't Forget Small Animals

Whilst for dogs and cats dental care is all about cleaning, for rabbits and rodents it is much more about tooth wear. As their teeth grow constantly throughout their lives (a rabbit’s teeth can grow by 2mm in just one week!) it’s vital that the teeth are encouraged to wear down through abrasion, mainly through the teeth grinding together as they chew fibrous plant material – typically hay. The silica found in grasses helps with this wear so as well as ensuring pets such as rabbits get plenty of hay, also feeding a hay-based pellet such as or Meadow Menu Foods (as opposed to a ‘muesli’ or other grain-based diet) is very beneficial. Hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice don’t typically eat much in the way of grasses, so for them tooth wear is about feeding hard, dried foods and giving them safe-wood gnaws and toys such as our Edible Shacks and Toys.

Do you have a top tip for looking after your pet’s teeth? Share on our social channels @rosewoodpet.

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