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Preparing Your Pets For Autumn

Preparing Your Pets For Autumn

For many pet parents, the start of autumn signifies crisp walks in fallen leaves and cosy days snuggled up with your furry friend. But the darker nights and change in season can affect our pets, so we’ve shared some of our top tips for preparing for autumn: 

Fight the fleas

Problems with fleas and ticks increase during the colder months, particularly as the central heating gets cranked up, helping fleas to stay warm and comfortable. Make sure you use flea and tick control and check your pets coats often. If a tick is found make sure to use the correct tick removal kit. Check out our Vet’s Best Health and Hygiene range

Beware of the freeze

Icy mornings call for anti-freeze on the car, but this can be extremely harmful to pets if ingested, and can be particularly palatable to cats so make sure it’s kept out of reach of furry friends.

During cold weather cats can take shelter under cars where it’s warm and cosy, so check underneath your car before any journeys. You can also honk your horn to give any cats sleeping in or under the engine a warning.

Keep your canine cosy but looking cool

The drop in temperature means cooler walks, so it may be worth investing in a jacket to keep your pooch warm and dry. We can’t get enough of our new Joules pet collection which features stylish comfortable designs - paw-fect for winter walkies!

With fewer daylight hours, it’s also important to keep dogs visible and safe - our range of reflective jackets and accessories are suitable for all walking conditions.

Add extra protection for small animals

If your rabbit or guinea pig lives outside, you might want to consider moving them inside a garage or shed for winter. If that’s not an option, create warmth by adding extra bedding or hay and use a water-resistant sheet to cover their house - but don’t fully cover so that air can circulate. Our Naturals Soft and Safe Bedding creates a warm, soft nest for gerbils, mice and hamsters and is made from 100% natural fibres that can’t be spun.

Keep an eye on your pet’s weight

It might be more difficult to exercise your pet as regularly in the colder months, so make sure you adjust their food intake accordingly to avoid them gaining too much weight.

Our tasty Naturals Eats for available for both cats and dogs and are packed with nutrients. The new Autumn Harvest is the perfect seasonal snack for small animals.

Sweet dreams

And finally, autumn brings the purr-fect excuse to snuggle up, and our pets love getting cosy as much as we do! Our Luxury Radiator Cat Beds are very popular at this time of year, and can be floor standing as well as radiator mounted if desired.

Your pooch might rest more in winter, so make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep. Browse our 40 Winks range, which includes a selection of luxury bedding, mattresses and loungers.

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