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Will your pup be the Dog of Honour at your wedding?

Will your pup be the Dog of Honour at your wedding?

There are lots of ways to involve your canine companion in your celebration, whether in a formal role - as ring bearer or flower pup - or simply as an honoured guest.

As pet parents we understand that pets can be unpredictable so if you are thinking of involving your fluffy sidekick, we’ve put together a handy checklist to consider:

Check the venue is pet friendly

Not all venues are suitable for dogs, so check with the supplier that your pooch is welcome. An outdoor setting, or somewhere with space to run around is ideal. Consider taking your pet to the location too before the day itself so it feels more familiar.

Bring plenty of treats

It may seem obvious, but make sure your pooch has a water bowl to keep them cool throughout the ceremony - our Portable Travel Leaf Bottle is pawfect for pets on the go. Your precious pet can even join in the wedding toast with our Pawsecco 'wine' for cats and dogs - rich in vitamins and minerals (and alcohol-free!). A special occasion calls for our range of Posh Eats; made using fine cuts of 100% meat, and includes additional healthy supplements, superfoods and gourmet ingredients.

Safety over style

Keep your pooch’s accessories simple - they may look adorable in a tux but they need to be comfortable. A simple flower attached to their collar will look smart without bothering them - just check any flowers you use are not harmful to pets.

Why not treat your pet to a new collar and lead before the big day? Our Luxury Leather Collars are the perfect addition to any dog’s attire.

Book a pet-sitter

It might be lovely having your four legged friend present on your wedding day, but you won’t be able to give them much attention throughout the day. Consider hiring a pet sitter, or recruit a guest they are familiar with to be responsible for them throughout the day.

Make sure your pooch gets 40 winks

If your pet is attending in your big day, they’ll need a place to rest after plenty of partying! Make sure your pooch has a bed or mattress with them – our 40 Winks Bedding range combines practicality and comfort, and can travel easily with you to the venue.

Pet Personality

Arguably, the most important factor to consider is your pet’s personality, how they will behave around a large group of people, and in a new environment. Being stroked, photographed or chased by children can be unsettling for your pet so make sure they can handle it before you decide to include them.

Has your pet been your Guest of Honour at your wedding? Share your tips for including them and snaps on our social channels @RosewoodPet

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