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Wishing you a hoppy Easter

Wishing you a hoppy Easter

If you are thinking of buying a rabbit, here’s some important things to consider:

  1. Your rabbit’s home

Rabbits need to live in a comfortable environment, with enough room to run, hop and sleep. If your rabbit will be kept outside, make sure you invest in a large hutch, and ensure they have a permanent run space attached for them to get the exercise they need.

Add lots of tunnels for your rabbit to run through and shelter in, such as the Woven Jumbo Play Tunnel.

2. Regular grooming

Brushing your bunny or small animal is not only a great bonding experience, it’s also a good opportunity to check their fur/skin for any problems.

This is an essential part of their grooming routine and will help to keep your rabbit healthy and happy. Keep bad hare days at bay with our Options Grooming Range - paw-fect for smaller animals.

3. A healthy diet

Choosing the right diet is important for your rabbit’s long-term health and welfare. It needs to be fibre-rich with relatively low levels of protein, fat and sugars.

Their diet should consist of a constant supply of fresh hay, a daily mixture of fresh vegetables, a small amount of pelletised food and a constant supply of fresh water.

Our Naturals Grain-Free Meadow Menu is grass and fibre rich, with only natural ingredients designed to promote good digestion to keep your bunny in top health.

4. Keep boredom at bay

Rabbits are clever and need to be stimulated through interaction and play. Our Boredom Breaker range will provide hours of fun for your furry friends. The Maze-a-log is a ‘boredom breaking’ feeding challenge that will provide egg-cellent fun for your bunny!

Unlike the Easter Bunny, a rabbit is for life and that’s why we’re supporting the Make Mine Chocolate campaign, which encourages people to buy chocolate or stuffed bunnies rather than real rabbits for Easter.

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