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Pet Parent Resolutions for a purr-fect 2019

Pet Parent Resolutions for a purr-fect 2019

Up your exercise!

For many of us, walking the dog is part of our everyday routine and we don’t even consider changing it. But how much fun is just a simple lap round the cricket pitch for both of you?! Inject some fun by exploring new places with your pooch; this could be planning a monthly visit to a beach or national park (just check dogs are allowed first).

More exercise is also the perfect excuse to invest in some new walking accessories, such as one of the five new additions to our classy Luxury Leather collection. Or add a pop of colour to brighten up your winter walks with one of the new designs in our popular Wag ‘N’ Walk range.

If you have a rabbit or Guinea pig then the best way to ensure they are getting enough exercise is to ensure they have access to a run every day – ideally one that they can have free access to from their main hutch or home. Failing that then try to give them at least 4 hours each day in a separate run, enclosed garden or even in the house. Of course, make sure you consider the weather and potential threats such as dogs, cats, certain plants and electric cables! Our Options Deluxe Play Pen is a single, 1m square easy to pop up and down run, but you can used it against a wall to double the size or even join to order more together.

Regular grooming

Help to keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy by brushing it on a daily basis. Grooming helps distribute oils from the skin to the fur; plus removing any excess fur from the coat will reduce the amount of pesky pet hair you find on your clothes and furniture! Above all else, regularly grooming your pet can be great for bonding too.

Our grooming products for cats and dogs are ergonomically designed to make grooming enjoyable and easier for us pet parents.

If you have a long haired pet, the Combo Comb and Moult Stoppa removes knots and dead hair whilst the rake removes shedding fur without cutting or tearing healthy fur.

If you struggle to thoroughly shampoo your pet’s hair, the Rosewood 2 in 1 Bath & Groom Brush dispenses shampoo at the touch of a button, and includes bristles for a deep clean and rubber teeth for a lovely message.

Exclusive to Rosewood are the pawsome new Aquapaw products, designed to reduce the mess and stress involved with bath-time. The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is the world’s first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be turned on and off by making a fist! The Aquapaw Slow Treater is the ultimate bathtime distraction - simply spread their favourite treat in the centre and stick it to any smooth surface.

More playtime

Strengthen your bond with your pet by setting aside more time to enjoy playtime!

Provide hours of interactive fun for your kitty with our Charcoal Felt Cat Post and new Tsum Tsum Cat range - available in rattle ping pong character balls, a plush toy with velcro refillable catnip pouch and a cat teaser wand.

If your dog is a chewer, they will love our range of tough toys, and our Biosafe range is ideal for encouraging hygienic play - great for indoors and out.

And not forgetting playtime for your cute small furries, we have plenty of activity toys to keep them healthy and active, including our colourful Boredom Breaker range.

Have you made any pet resolutions this year? We’d love to hear them! Share them on our social channels @RosewoodPet.

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