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Does your pet share your bed? Your furry friend’s sleeping habits revealed

Does your pet share your bed? Your furry friend’s sleeping habits revealed

To celebrate the launch of our new luxury bedding range, we recently surveyed cat and dog owners across the land to find out more about their pet’s sleeping habits.

More than half of those surveyed confessed to sleeping in the same bed as their pet - with 60% saying they would rather sleep with their pet than their partner! What’s more, 10% of people revealed it has caused problems between them and their partner, with one dog owner forced into the spare room for two months - and another claiming that their pet’s sleeping habits resulted in a divorce!

What better reason to invest in a cosy new bed to help you all get a good night’s sleep (and to avoid any further marriage mishaps)?

Rosewood’s new premium bedding is an extension of the popular 40 Winks bedding collection, and includes the stylish Designer Water Resistant Lounger and Designer Water Resistant Pet Bed - ideal if you’re looking for something durable and long lasting.

Our new Padded Mattress is available in two colours - grey and red - and the thick, soft padding is designed for maximum comfort.

We have also launched three new additions to the 40 Winks range, including the Dogs Grey Print Oval Bed and Dotty Feline Bed

Team with a super soft blanket or throw from our exclusive Tall Tails range, to help keep your pet extra snug and warm during the colder months.

The sleep survey also gave us an insight into pet bedtime routines, with more than half of you revealing you give your dog a kiss and a cuddle before tucking them in each night. Some of you even confessed to reading a bedtime story and playing music to help your pets drift off to the land of nod.

When it comes to common sleeping habits, many of you have witnessed your pet snoring, whimpering, dribbling and breaking wind whilst they are asleep. A whopping 82% of you think your pet dreams about chasing and playing, and almost a quarter of pet owners think it’s them and their partner or family that fill their heads whilst they are sleeping.

We’d love to see your pics of what your pet gets up to whilst they are asleep! Share them on our social channels @RosewoodPet.

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