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Introducing our pawsome new treats

Introducing our pawsome new treats

We are really excited to introduce our EXCLUSIVE new range of Rosewood pet treats. Whether you have a pampered pooch or a precious puss, we have something for all to enjoy - and most importantly, they contain a wide range of nutritious benefits and are packed full of healthy ingredients.

Natural Eats

If you’ve not already tried your pooch on our Natural Eats range, you can choose from chicken, duck, beef and cod varieties, and we’ve now added Tasty T-Bone Steaks. Our new Natural Eats for cats include irresistible Salmon Fillet Mini Strips.

Every treat is made using the finest cuts of 100% meat. The vast majority of the range is both grain free and gluten free which is becoming more important to pet owners.

Posh Eats

Who can’t resist spoiling their furry friend with an extra-special treat? Our Posh Eats for dogs are also made using the finest cuts of 100% meat, and they include additional healthy supplements and superfoods so you can be assured your pooch is getting the nutrition it needs and more. Our favourites include Cod & Parsley Gourmet, Steak & Cheese Gourmet and Chicken Wrapped Spinach & Carrot Superfoods.

Daily Eats

We have also introduced Daily Eats for dogs - a range of fun everyday treats. The Toothbrushes and Jungle Animals are made with real chicken and are shaped and textured to help clean teeth and gums. What’s more, they have added calcium.

Daily Eats Cat Cushions are ideal for fussy eaters as they are crunchy on the outside, with a creamy filling on the inside. Not only are they delicious, every cat cushion contains added vitamins and taurine for healthy eyes and heart. Daily Eats cat cushions are available in 3 varieties - chicken, cheese and salmon.

Magic Bones and Chewy Bones and Twists

We have expanded our Magic Bone treat range for dogs with the introduction of Magic Bone Twists. Each twist is totally rawhide free, has natural chicken wrapped around the outside and is filled with delicious peanut butter flavour. With 6 twists per pack Magic Bone Twists are a perfect one-a-day treat.

We have also launched our exclusive Chewy Bones and Chewy Twists for dogs. Each product is rich in chicken, salt free and low in fat and is specially designed with a texture that helps to clean teeth with every bite.

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