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To crate or not to crate?

To crate or not to crate?

From fabulous fireworks to spectacular soirees, however you choose to ring in the New Year you may notice that one member of your family isn’t enjoying the festivities. You should provide your dog a designated space for them to get away from all the excitement, for which a crate could be the perfect solution!

When done properly, crate training can provide our dogs with a safe place to call their own. Through positive reinforcements, a dog will learn to use their crate as a sanctuary whenever they feel nervous, unwell or simply need some ‘quiet time’ away from a busy household.

It’s important to note that a crate should never be used to ‘lock up’ your pup when you’re out of the house for a number of hours. The crate can however play a key role in house training so that your dog needn’t be placed inside it everytime you leave them home alone. Your crate could be used for:

  • A quiet space: Crates provide dogs with a sense of security, when they feel overwhelmed they can simply retreat to their own space away from all the chaos.
  • When they’re expecting: Expectant mothers who are crate trained will utilise the crate as a ‘den’ for her pups. Our Options Two Door Dog Home has two large doors which means you have easier access to the pups or your dog in case of an emergency during delivery.
  • As a training aid: For puppies who need to learn how to be on their own or for toilet training, a crate can be used as an effective training tool.
  • For transportation: A crate or travel carrier is ideal for keeping your pet both comfortable and safe when travelling. Our Bracco Travel Carriers come in five sizes and are suitable for travel by air, sea and land. Plus, they can even be used for crate training at home.
  • Veterinary advised: In some circumstances a vet may advise using a crate - for example, after surgery.

Choosing the right size crate for your dog is very important -it must be large enough for your puppy or dog to stand up properly, to lie on their side with their legs outstretched and to turn around with ease. You can also turn the crate into a comfy retreat by adding some cosy bedding from our 40 Winks Bedding range, such as a comfy mattress. TheBone Plush Orthopaedic Mattress is perfect for providing additional support for bones and joints, whilst our stylish Chocolate and Grey Tweed Mattresses are made from tough and durable materials.

If possible, introduce your pooch to his/her crate when they’re a puppy. You can do so by leading them into the crate using a tasty treat, such as our Leaps & Bounds Log Bones or Cheesy Bites. Our delicious Magic Bone treats are made from real healthy ingredients, including chicken, beef and vegetables, making them the perfect reward for your pooch. Put a treat into the den and step back. DON’T force your dog to go inside the den, and DON’T shut the door after them when they go in on their own. When they go in to get their treat, praise them.

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