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The real reason behind your pet’s ‘naughty’ behaviour

The real reason behind your pet’s ‘naughty’ behaviour

One in ten* pet parents have admitted to spending more than £1000 a year replacing household items destroyed by their pets!

Last month, the team at Rosewood surveyed the UK’s pet parents to discover the real cost of owning a pet and found that 20% of you spend more than £500 a year replacing chewed up clothing, cushions and other household items, whilst 10% spend over £1000.

Clothing and shoes were the most likely targets for destructive pets, whilst sofas, and in one case an engagement ring, were identified as the most expensive items that pet parents have had to replace due to damage caused by pet claws and teeth.

With 52% admitting to pets doing the most damage when left home alone, we spoke to pet behaviour expert David Alderton to help get to the bottom of your pet’s strange behaviour.

“The key thing here is to prevent your pet becoming bored while you are out, so whenever possible, give your dog a good walk before you go. Hopefully, your pet will then be tired and should sleep for most of the time that you are out. Providing toys that your pet can gnaw and chew at this stage is also recommended.”

  • David Alderton*

Not limited to scratching and chewing, 54% also admitted that their pets would relieve themselves on the carpet, despite being house trained!

“Always make sure that your pet has been outside before you leave home for any length of time. Pets have bursting points too, just like us! It’s also really important to clean up thoroughly after an accident – otherwise, your pet will be drawn back to this spot, soiling here again in the future.”

  • David Alderton

Remember, pet parenting is a huge commitment, so it’s important to understand the individual needs of different pet breeds to ensure that you can provide the most ideal environment for them. Ensuring the right types of toys, accessories and even the company of other pets will go a long way in protecting your belongings from curious or bored pets.

For dogs, try our Meaty Takeaway Toys that are designed for powerful chewers and come in three long-lasting delicious flavours - chicken, beef and bacon. Whilst the Starmark range features a number of treat dispensing toys to help prevent destructive behaviour caused by boredom. Providing hours of entertainment, Starmark toys are available in a variety of sizes meaning you’re sure to find one suitable for your pooch.

For fussy felines, our Silvervine Cat Toys are guaranteed to drive them wild! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes - from fun teasers to stuffed animals - each and every toy is infused with silvervine, a natural and more intense alternative to catnip grown in Japan, which encourages a playful reaction from cats.

Last but not least, our ‘I Love Hay Cube’ is a fan favourite with small animals. Available in two sizes, this meadow hay coated toy has heart shaped windows so pets can get to the meadow hay and marigold flower filling. Both the large and medium cubes are suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. Whilst hamsters, mice and gerbils can nest inside the medium cube.

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*Survey of 1,376 pet parents by Rosewood Pet Products, October 2017

**David Alderton MA (Cantab.) is a broadcaster and writer on pets and their behaviour, whose books have sold nearly seven million copies in over 30 languages worldwide.

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