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How to 'cat-proof' your furniture and keep it scratch free!

How to 'cat-proof' your furniture and keep it scratch free!

Claw marks on your new sofa? Pulls in your lavish rug? Cats scratch to keep their claws sharp and to mark their territory - it’s in their nature. In fact, our recent survey revealed that 52% of cat owners struggle to keep their feline friends from clawing at their sofa.

However, having a pet doesn’t mean sacrificing your decor, which is why we’ve pulled together this handy guide for keeping your furniture scratch-free!

You can’t stop cats from scratching

Unfortunately, as pet parents we have to come to terms with the fact that our cats are always going to scratch. Besides, it’s good for their muscle development! Clawing your furniture is also your cat's way of feeling safe and at home, so you should work with your cat’s natural instincts to establish ‘scratch zones’ in your home. For example, if your cat is repeatedly scratching a particular piece of furniture then try placing a cat scratcher near that item and move your cat to the scratcher whenever they start plucking.

Our new catnip-infused Caraway scratcher, from our Catwalk Collection, has a sturdy structure with seagrass covered posts, carpeted perches and a seagrass teaser - plus its stylish design will blend seamlessly into any room. Also available is our new charcoal carpet Tumeric post that’s perfect for stretching and scratching! Plus, it has a stunning natural wood finish to create a premium look and feel.

Find the purr-fect match

Make sure your furry friend’s favourite scratching place is not your sofa by finding the post that suits them best.

Firstly, cats like the post to be tall enough for them to stretch out completely, standing as tall as they can be. At over 4ft high, our new Bay activity tower is a four-level piece with carpet covered perches and rope scratching stations, infused with catnip, for hours of entertainment - perfect for taller kitties and those that like to be high up!

Secondly, make sure the post is stable and secure. A wobbly post will leave your feline friend feeling unsafe, leading them straight back to your lovely sofa! All our Catwalk Collection posts are made from strong materials and are easy to assemble.

And third, make sure it is the material is scratch-able. Try a seagrass or a jute rope based post - our Coriander scratcher is infused with the finest catnip and comes in a unique double sphere shape to maintain your cat's interest and provide hours of fun and enjoyment.

Placement is key

After you’ve purchased the purr-fect post, you need to find the best place for it. Never place a scratcher in a place that is too out of the way, as your cat will never use it! Instead, place scratchers in areas that are normally used by you, such as next to the sofa or near the computer.

Make the post inviting

At first your feline may not be too interested in their new toy. Be patient, it’ll take some encouragement to make the scratcher more appealing than your furniture. Try using our Catnip Sprinkles or Catnip Spray to grab your feline’s attention. You could also dangle a toy in front of the post, or try our Parsley scratcher - an innovative sphere design with a detachable feather toy, sturdy wooden base and tempting catnip inside.

Cats generally don’t respond well to punishment, so instead of scolding your cat when it scratches your furniture, try using a firm ‘no’ then gently move them towards the post instead. Eventually, they will understand that this is the correct place to scratch. You could even show your furry friend how to use the post - this sounds silly, but it works. Promise!

Do you have any scratch-deterring tips? We’d love to hear them. Find us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram @Rosewoodpet and join in on the conversation! 

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