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Five Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To Work

Five Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To Work

As an office that has four-legged furry colleagues we’re glad that there’s an official ‘Bring your Dog to Work Day’! Here at Rosewood, we believe there’s nothing better than working next to your pup and we aren’t the only company that thinks dogs make paw-fect team mates - Google and Amazon are amongst many that already have a pet-friendly policy.

So to celebrate the occasion, here’s our top five reasons why every day should be ‘Bring your Dog to Work Day’:

Wave bye-bye to stressful working days

Having a dog around, whether it’s at home or in the office, has been proven to lift a person’s mood and boost happiness, which in turn reduces stress. Having a companion around to cuddle and stroke if you’re feeling under pressure has an instant calming effect, which benefits everybody in the office.

Say hello to team bonding

An office pooch will give the team something to bond over, which will inevitably mean that the office benefits from a happier environment, therefore improving the quality of work. After all, a happy office is a hard working one!

Employees are less likely to rush out of the door

Many people with dogs at home are likely to rush out of the door as soon as possible so they can walk and feed their pooch, or even take time off if they can’t secure a pet sitter. However, if employees are allowed to bring their four-legged friend with them, they are less likely to dash from their chair as soon as the clock hits ‘home time’!

Office productivity will be increased

Research has shown that taking short breaks away from your desk can increase productivity, as it gives employees a break from office work and time for their brain to rest. Having a five minute break to play with the office pooch, or taking them on a walk, can help to increase productivity when employees return to their desk.

Pets won’t have to spend a day alone

Dogs don’t like being left alone for too long as it can be very stressful for them, causing destructive behaviour. If employees are allowed to bring their furry friend into the office, this means that both the pooch and the employee will be happy!

Convinced that you need a pet policy for your office? Don’t forget to set up a space for them! The Rosewood range has everything that you need:

Dog Mate Large Pet Fountain

This fountain has been carefully designed to provide pets with clean, fresh flowing water, therefore ensuring office pups have access to fresh water all day.

Bone Plush Mattress

Ideal for afternoon naps, office dogs will love our Bone Plush Mattress with its outer layer made from soft plush lining. It comes in four sizes meaning that it’s suitable for pooches of all sizes! The orthopedic mattress also gives additional support for a dog’s joints and bones, whilst promoting restful sleep, comfort and support.

BioSafe Toys

Our BioSafe toys are perfect for pups of all ages, breeds and sizes. Within the range there’s something for all dogs and each toy is BioSafe protected, meaning that it’s a more hygienic toy to have in the office and for your pet.

Does your office allow you to bring pets in? Share your office pet stories with us on Twitter @RosewoodPet. 

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