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Tips for National Walking Month

Tips for National Walking Month

This month is National Walking month and in celebration we’ve pulled together a list of our top walking tips. Whether your pup likes to take you on long adventures, or they prefer to just play in the park we’ve got some paw-fect advice for you…

1. Walk with your dog to heel

Walking with your four legged friend at your side allows you to be seen as the pack leader. Make sure when you take your dog out that you’re the first one to leave the house and the first one to enter it again, so that your dog sees you as the leader. Whilst walking you should try and get your dog to walk at your side to establish the pack mentality. Has your pet got their paws on one of our luxury leather lead and collar sets? They make the perfect walking accessory!

2. Take the time

Life can be hectic but your furry friend will look forward to their daily walks, so make sure you give them time to enjoy it! Whether you take the scenic route and allow them extra time outside or you take with you a toy so that they can have playtime with walk time, make sure that you give them plenty of time to enjoy it. Our Floating Dog Toy is the world’s most versatile ball and toy launcher, making playtime more fun and easier for you to throw the ball!

3. Keep hydrated

The walk will have tired out your pup so make sure to provide your four-legged friend with some water from one of our Portable Travel Leaf Bottle, which is a convenient way to give your dog a drink whilst you’re on the move.

Finally, remember not to forget the essential walking gear such as poop bags and even some treats for your pup whilst they walk.

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