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Be inspired by National Pet Month

Be inspired by National Pet Month

This month marked the 27th anniversary of National Pet Month, which takes place from 1st April - 1st May every year! Thousands of people across the UK have been celebrating all month-long with a variety of awareness raising events that not only advocate responsible pet ownership, but also raise funds for some very worthy pet-related causes.

With responsible pet parenting at the core of everything we do, the message that National Pet Month projects is certainly one that we can get behind. Now April may be drawing to a close, but there’s still plenty of opportunities to support the cause and raise awareness for responsible pet parenting all-year-round.

  1. Give a pet-in-need its forever home! A lot of the work that the National Pet Month campaign does is aimed at helping abandoned animals find a loving home, so if you’re considering buying a new pet, then take a moment to consider adopting instead.
  2. Become a foster (pet) parent. Fostering pets is one of the best things you can do to help animals in need. Sadly, local shelters don’t always have enough room and rely on loving foster homes to look after pets until a permanent home is available.
  3. Start a fundraising campaign. You don’t need a special occasion to host a fundraising event for your favourite animal charity. You could host a raffle at work, or organise a sponsored dog walk. You could even collect old bedding and towels from your friends and family to donate to your local rescue centres.
  4. Volunteer at your local centre. Centres need volunteers to help with everything from admin work to charity shops and even photography. So if you’re an animal lover with some time to spare, then get in touch with your local centre and find out how you could get involved.

We've been running our Pet of the Week competition in celebration of National Pet Month and we've received some brilliant pictures! Join us at @RosewoodPet to see the winning entries.

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