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Perfect picks for National Bed Month

Perfect picks for National Bed Month

There’s nothing better than feeling warm and cosy on a cold night, and we all know that pets love to snuggle and snooze. With dogs sleeping for around 50% of the day, and some cats sleeping for up to 20 hours in a 24-hour period, it’s essential that you provide them with somewhere cosy to rest their paws.

So, with March being the official National Bed Month, we’ve highlighted our top snuggly beds for your pets.

1. Our stylish Bone Plush Grey Mattress complements any family living area perfectly and is great for your lounging dog. It also fits into our Rosewood Options Dog Crates, making your dog’s crate a cosy snoozing area. With a range of sizes available, you’ll find the perfect fit for you pet - no matter how big or small!

2. Have a fussy moggy to please? Then look no further than our purr-fect Luxury Tunnel Cat Bed. Made from heavenly faux fur, it fits neatly onto a radiator to give your cat a warm tunnel to curl up in. It also works just as well on the floor if your cat prefers to snuggle up by your feet.

3. There’s nothing better than sitting down comfortably after a long walk, that’s why your dog would love our 40 Winks Grey & Pink Square Bed. It provides a comfortable resting place for your pet to wind down. Great for both naptime and bedtime, this pet bed comes in three sizes.

4. Looking for a cute and cosy pet bed for your cat? Our Grey Teddy Bear Cat Bed is the perfect pad for your kitty - just don’t expect to see your cat much when they have something so snuggly to lounge in!

5. If your dog prefers a thicker, padded bed then our Chocolate Tweed Mattress or Grey Tweed Mattress is ideal for nap time. These comfortable and modern beds are both soft and stylish.

6. Small animals need a place to snuggle too - that’s where our Snuggles range comes in! Our Two-Way Hooded Bed makes a great, cosy hiding place that’s ideal for guinea pigs, ferrets or rats.

All our pet beds are also machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about mucky paws!

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