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How to keep your pets comfortable on Halloween and Bonfire Night

How to keep your pets comfortable on Halloween and Bonfire Night

Keeping them safe during Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities is vital. Sudden loud noises can be extremely overwhelming for pets, especially if you’ve got some spooky visitors arriving at your door!

To help keep your pet as calm as possible during this time of year, we’ve pulled together our top tips:

Keep pets indoors

Even if you’re not having fireworks in your own garden the loud noises in the neighborhood can still scare your pet, so it’s best to keep them indoors.

Both cats and dogs can become extremely anxious at this time of year so keeping them in a place they are familiar with can help to make them feel safer.

Pets that usually live outside such as rabbits or guinea pigs may get frightened too by the loud noises, so it’s a good idea to bring them inside whilst the fireworks are going on.

Close the windows

Not only will keeping windows closed help to cushion the loud noises caused by fireworks, it also prevents your pet from escaping if they get spooked.

Closing the blinds and curtains will also help to distract your pet from any flashing lights and firework displays, which could cause problems.

You could bring the cages or pens of smaller outdoor animals into your garage or shed so that the noise isn’t as loud and they can’t see the bright lights.

Provide a ‘safe place’

Make sure your pets have a place that they can hide in if they want to. The Options 2 Door Dog/ Puppy Homes would be ideal to create a safe haven for your pup, so that they could hide away if they wanted to.

A good idea may be to invest in toys that could distract your pet. For pups our L’Chic bone creates the perfect playtime, and allow hours of fun as your pup tries to get their treats out of the toy. Kittens and cats might prefer our Jolly Moggy range, where you can find a range of toys to keep your cat entertained through the fireworks.

Pets that are kept outside might benefit from extra bedding so that they can burrow in it if they get frightened. Our 40 Winks Bedding is perfect for keeping pets snuggly, warm and cosy.

Music could help

Check out the Dogs Trust website for some music that could calm and sooth your pup if the loud noises are getting them irritated. The charity has teamed up with vets Sarah Heath and Jon Bowen to provide free sound based treatment for frightened pups.

Be prepared

If you know your pet is going to be extremely frightened then it may be best to seek advice from a veterinary expert before the festivities start, there are soothing and calming tablets available for pets that get extremely anxious around this noisy time. 

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