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Top Tips for Leaving Pets Home Alone

Top Tips for Leaving Pets Home Alone

As fellow pet parents, we understand how hard it is to leave pets at home while you’re at work, at the shops or even just out with friends. So, to help make your time apart easier, we’ve put together some handy tips for keeping your furry-friend as happy as possible when you’re not there.


They say a dog is a man’s best friend; so saying goodbye to your pooch when you leave the house can be heart-breaking - these top tips can help keep your pup calm from 9 to 5:

DON’T leave them for too long
It’s recommend that you don’t leave your dog alone for longer than four hours and, if possible, you should try to go home on your lunch break to give them a bit of attention. If you can’t get back during lunch, then ask a neighbour or a friend to pop in and visit your pooch.

DO hire professionals

If you work long hours consider investing in a dog walker. This way your pup can enjoy the company of other dogs whilst exploring the great outdoors during your working hours.

‘Doggie Daycare’ is another handy option for keeping pooches busy when they’re away from their pet parents - it’s also a great opportunity for your pet to socialise!

DON’T let them get bored

Our range of intelligent toys will keep your pup entertained throughout the day. For hours of fun, check out our Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball, which releases treats based on the movements that your dog makes. There’s also our L’Chic Squeeze Bone, which comes in three sizes and is perfect for keeping active dogs happy all day long.

DO tire them out

Naptime passes time! Take your pet on a walk or jog before you leave, but make sure you keep some time spare before you go to give them lots of love and cuddles. A walk will tire out your pup so that they’ll be too busy snoozing to worry about where you’re off to. If you don’t have time to walk your pet each morning then play with them in the garden instead - fetch is a great way to tire your dog out. But be wary of walking them too near to your departure as you don’t want them to associate fun walks with your absence!


Our independent feline companions don’t always appreciate being left home alone, so here are our top tips for entertaining your kitty whilst you’re away:

DON’T leave them for too long

Although a lot of cats are quite happy in their own company, they shouldn’t be left alone for lengthy periods of time. Like all pets, they love spending time with their pet-parents.

If you’re planning on being out of the house for longer than the average working day, or even over-night, then ask a neighbour, friend or cat sitter who is familiar with your pet to visit your pet.

DO keep your kitty entertained

Try and avoid any cat-astophes by ensuring your feline friend has some activities to keep them entertained in your absence. Our Catwalk Collection Natural Scratchers range features new innovative round shaped cat posts with catnip entwined jute rope – guaranteeing hours of fun!

DO utilise Cat TV

Yes this is a thing! There are lots of YouTube videos that have been created to entertain cats, so pop one of these on the TV when you go out to keep your cat busy.

DON’T forget about intruders

We all have that one kitty neighbour that sneaks in to steal treats, but to make sure there are no catfights in the house whilst you’re out, double check that the windows are closed before you leave!

If you’re a fan of the cat flap then check out our Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap which is operated specifically by your cat’s implanted microchip – meaning your cat can pop in and out as he or she pleases, without risking the presence of other animals!

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