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Playtime, Not Just For Your Pet!

Playtime, Not Just For Your Pet!

Dogs don’t just love to play, they need to play and variety is key when it comes to keeping both you and your four-legged friend happy.

There are countless ways to entertain your dog, and perhaps more crucially, enjoy valuable bonding time with them whilst increasing their agility, sociability and alertness.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite games that involve both pet and parent, encouraging you to work together as a team:


Fetch, but like you've never seen it before. The Throwbizz ball launcher will see your pooch run for miles, giving them a physical challenge and mental stimulation. Remember, the most important rule of fetch is to throw something that they actually want to chase – different sounds, textures and smells will engage your dogs senses, so as well as a traditional tennis ball, why not try the Rosewood Catch and Flash Ball or the Catch and Crunch Ball.

Tug of war

You vs. the dog. Whilst this game may seem simple it can actually be extremely beneficial to your pooch. Teach them to ‘let go’ by rewarding them with a treat. Not only will this teach them to respond to your voice, but also allows them to channel any aggression safely. The Rosewood Tough Twist range is ideal for strong dogs, as the chunky rope will give them plenty to chew!

Hide and Seek

Select their favourite toy or treat and hide it in another room, close the door and call their name when you’re ready. Be sure to shower them with praise upon retrieval. Not only is this brilliantly entertaining to watch but it’s a great way to engage their brain and sense of smell.

Remember, dogs have only recently become domesticated but their basic instincts have remained the same. In the wild, digging, chewing, tugging and scavenging once played an essential role in a dog’s survival. Having now been brought into our homes, dogs need an outlet to channel these instincts, which is where play comes in.

Rosewood’s extensive range of toys have been carefully designed to incorporate a dog’s natural behaviours and allow a dog to be a dog. 

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