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The Dos and Don’ts of Summer Pet Care

The Dos and Don’ts of Summer Pet Care

From allergies to sunburn, our four-legged friends can suffer the same summer struggles as their human counterparts. So, with summertime just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your pets for the rising temperatures ahead.

To help, we’ve pulled together the top dos and don’ts of summer pet care to ensure that you, and your pet, are ready for the sunny season.

DON’T – Leave them in the car

Whilst obvious to some, we cannot stress the importance of never leaving a pet in the car - not even for a minute! On a warm day, the temperature inside a parked car can become fatally hot. If you’re going someplace where you cannot take your pet, then leave them at home.

DO – Keep cool

Pets can experience both sunburn and heatstroke. Invest in a cooling pad to ensure that your pets are kept cool during the warmer weather. Remember, flat-faced pets such as Pugs, Bulldogs and Persian cats often have breathing problems and are therefore more susceptible to heatstroke.

Cats in particular are at risk of sunburn, due to the amount of time they spend outdoors – the most vulnerable areas are the tips of the ears so look out for pet-friendly sunscreen.

DON’T – Forget about allergies

Our furry friends can also suffer from seasonal allergies. These will often results in rashes on your pet’s skin, so if Bugs or Fido is itching during high pollen days, check their skin for symptoms. Try our Tropiclean Oatmeal and Teatree Shampoo to help relieve itchy skin, but if the problem persists consult your vet.

DO - Stay hydrated

Older and overweight pets are at a higher risk of overexertion. Keep them out of the sun and ensure that they have easy access to a fresh supply of water. Consider taking a travel bowl, such as the Options Travel Cooling Bowl, with you on walks and trips to the park.

DON’T – Brave the midday heat

Try to keep cats, rabbits and guinea pigs indoors, or in the shade, during the peak sunshine hours and aim to walk dogs either in the morning or evening to avoid overheating. If high temperatures are unavoidable, keep walks short and use a cooling harness.

DO – Ensure regular grooming

It’s important to maintain regular grooming for cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs during the summer months to help remove excess fur and reduce heat stress.

Some dog breeds can also benefit from a summer haircut, however avoid cutting your pets fur too short, as it will strip them of the natural sun protection that their fur provides. 

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