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Happy Mother's Day Pet Mums!

Happy Mother's Day Pet Mums!

As animal lovers, we feel that the nation’s pet mums should be acknowledged for the care and love that they rain upon their pets every day. So on behalf of beloved pets everywhere, Happy Mother’s Day!

In honour of this sacred Sunday, we asked you to vote for your favourite celebrity mum in the first ever Rosewood Pet Parent Awards. And the results are in…

Rock royalty Sharon Osbourne was crowned as the Best Pet Mum for her unrivaled devotion to her pets. As a mum to Bella, Rocky, Alfie, Charlie, Flick, Mo-Mo, Moe and Puss, she has a lot on her hands… but if anyone can multi-task it’s her!

Of those who voted for her, 61% said that her unconditional love for her pets is clear, 39% voted due to her pets being “fit and healthy” and 34% admired her ability to balance a career with family life and her pets.

Many were quick to praise Sharon for the genuine love that she shows all six dogs and two cats, and one fan even described her as a “strong, intelligent lady, who weathers the many storms of her life using that strength - she’s an inspiration to others”.

Voters also praised her for treating her pets as family members, with one stating that “she has genuine love for her pets, they’re treated like members of the family and that's how it should be”.

Of course, our celebrations aren’t just limited to Hollywood royalty. If you have a story that you’d like to share, or a mum you’d like to praise, then join us on Facebook where every day is a celebration of pet parents and their four legged family members! 

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