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Create a long lasting bond with your pet

Create a long lasting bond with your pet

Rosewood understand that the love between parents and their pets is unconditional, so what better way to fill your heart with that warm fuzzy feeling than spending some valuable time with your faithful furry friend.

To ensure they feel loved no matter what, why not set aside some time each week to arrange a pet date night, letting them know that no matter what, they’ll always be top dog!

We’ve shared some ideas for creating the perfect pet date to help you and your pet create a long-lasting bond.

Bring Them Along

Where possible bring your pet along to social events to give them a change of scenery and a chance to interact with others. The more they interact with other humans and animals, the better they will be at adapting to different social situations. Many beaches, parks, cafes and pubs are dog friendly so bring them along to join in the fun. If you’re concerned about travelling then there are plenty of different travel accessories to help make journeys more comfortable for both pet and parent.

Fun and Games

Whether you own a dog, cat or other small animal, they all have one thing in common – they love to play! From teasers and tuggers to chew toys and ball games, there are hundreds of different toys available to engage their natural animal instincts.

Family Time

Just like your children, pets like to feel included in family occasions. Get them involved by letting them stay in the same room as you whilst watching a film or playing a game. You could also take it in turns to walk or groom them so that each member of the family can have one-on-one time with them.

Just The Trick

Believe it or not, it’s not just dogs that can learn tricks. With the right encouragement you can also train cats, rabbits and guinea pigs to follow commands. This one-on-one activity combined with positive reinforcement can help build trust and understanding between the two of you. Check out this beginners guide to teaching your dog tricks.

Know When To Stop

Most pets love affection, however it’s important to remember that pets also need their own space sometimes. Cats and rabbits have a particular reputation for being independent animals, so whilst we would encourage you to cuddle and groom them it’s important to not pick them up when they aren’t in the mood. Take time to learn what they really enjoy by observing their behavior, as forcing affection on your pet is most likely to result in anxious behavior or being bitten.

Exercise Together

No matter what size, shape or breed they are, all dogs need daily exercise. It’s tempting to plug into your iPod or speak on the phone during a long walk but you should savour this valuable time with your dog. Walking should be done together to provide mental stimulation and improve your dog’s recall and reaction to commands– reinforcing the bond between the pair of you.

Do you have any tips or unusual ideas for spending time with your loved one? Then head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to share your top tips!

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