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Have a Safe Journey this Christmas

Have a Safe Journey this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and, for 25% of the people we surveyed, this means packing up the mistletoe and hitting the road for the holiday season.

Whether it’s a festive city break or a picturesque country cottage, 88% of those travelling over Christmas have revealed that their furry loved ones will be joining them for their celebrations. Careful planning is key when it comes to December travels, so what special considerations need to be taken into account for our four-legged friends?

Get Cosy

Pet clothes are more than just a fashion statement. When the temperature drops a fur coat isn’t always enough, particularly on short or fine-haired pets. Bring along a cosy jumper or jacket to keep your pets warm throughout the journey and, if you haven’t already, invest in some comfy bedding to keep your pet cosy and your car fur-free!

Buckle Up

We wouldn’t set off without buckling up, so why should it be any different for our pets? Car safety is important for both humans and pets, but unfortunately cars don’t come with pet-friendly seatbelts. Therefore, we need to make some small adjustments. Ensure that you install a car guard, safety harness or car seat/carrier to keep your pet safe throughout the journey.

Be Prepared

Long car journeys can be both exciting and traumatic for your pets, they can even get travel sick! Avoid feeding your pets large meals before you travel and take dogs for long walks first to tire them out before the journey. Also, cover your seats with old blankets or throws to protect your car if your pet has an accident and make regular stops if your journey is particularly long so that your pet can stretch their legs, go to the toilet and drink some water – a non-spill Road Refresher travel bowl is perfect for on the go!

Stick Together

We’re all aware of the dangers of leaving pets in hot vehicles, but did you know that cold cars are just as bad? When it’s cold, your car effectively becomes a refrigeration unit, so if you leave your pet in there the temperature can plummet dangerously low. When taking a break on long journeys, always take your pets out of the car with you. 

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