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Back to school blues...

Back to school blues...

During the school holidays children have more time to lavish their pets with extra love and attention but when it’s time to go back to school this suddenly stops which can leave your pets, especially dogs, feeling depressed and stressed! Help your dog beat the back to school blues.

Has your dog been getting extra attention from the kids during the school holidays? Adults may be glad to see the kids go back to school but for your pets may cause Empty Nest Syndrome! If you’ve noticed a change in behaviour since your children have returned to school it could be because your cat or dog is experiencing separation anxiety which can lead to destructive behaviour and depression if not dealt with in the right way.

Pets are very sociable animals and when the attention they are used to getting suddenly disappears, they can feel depressed and lonely. This is because they don’t understand why they are being left alone for long periods of time which disrupts their routine. This can cause stress and can lead to behaviour problems such as chewing, soiling in the house, barking (dogs) or scratching furniture (cats).

Here are our tops tips to help you deal with your pet’s separation anxiety:

Tip 1 – Make sure that your pets still have fun things to do during the day when they’re left on their own. The Chubleez range means dogs have great fun chewing...but get a cuddle too! The Everlasting Treat Balls by Starmark are also the perfect toys. Containing edible flavoured dog treats, they designed to reduce anxiety and boredom. It’ll keep your dog entertained for hours and is something he can take his frustration out on instead of your furniture or shoes! We also have treats for cats too! Our Jolly Moggy Natural Wild Catnip Toys are great for keeping cats occupied.

Tip 2 – Background noise will help your pets think that someone is at home. Leave your TV or the radio on so the house isn’t completely silent.

Tip 3 – Cats are not as fussy as dogs and will adapt a lot quicker. As long as they have a cosy bed for nap time, like our 40 Winks Soft Bedding, and a scratching post to have a go at they will be quite happy left on their own for longer periods of time.

Tip 4 – Let’s not forget about the small animals too. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils all need toys for exercise and to stop them from getting bored. We’ve got over 50 fun, exciting and unique activity toys for small animals in our Boredom Breaker range.

Tip 5 – Above all it’s really important for everyone to give your pets extra fuss when the kids do get back from school. Playing with them and taking them out for a walk will always help with the relationship. An hour’s exercise every day will help dogs’ overall behaviour and wellbeing. Grooming is also a great way to help strengthen the bond between you and your pet and it will keep them nice and healthy too!

Let us know if you’re experiencing this at the moment and what steps you have taken to help your pet adjust. Just comment below to share with everyone!

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