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Biosafe - Uniquely Hygienic Toys for Puppies

Biosafe - Uniquely Hygienic Toys for Puppies

Mischievous puppies love colourful, textured toys because they’re fun to play with and help to relieve the discomfort of teething. We know that your dog’s favourite toys can quickly become dirty, smelly and germ ridden, so we’ve launched a fantastic, hygienic, multi-functional alternative, BioSafe Germ Smart Dog Toys!

With the launch of the new BioSafe Puppy range, you can start pups with these fun and hygienic dog toys, introducing our BioSafe Adult Dog toys as they bloom into your loyal, fully grown canines.

BioSafe Puppy toys provide the perfect alternative to other dog toys, because they are treated with BioCote, a special antimicrobial technology that makes the toy more hygienic by preventing the growth and survival of microbes, including bacteria, mould and fungi. BioCote doesn’t wear out or wash off, even in a dishwasher, which means it’s 100% safe for little puppies to wrestle with. BioSafe toys ensure that families are safer from germs, bugs and other nasties that dogs can come into contact with and leave lurking on their chew toys.

Little pups can bite down on these multi-functional toys to relieve teething pain; you can even put them in the fridge for an extra soothing treat. BioSafe puppy toys are tough, durable and they’re even Plus they’re scented with stimulating fragrances like mint scented which means puppies can easily sniff out their fresh smell.

BioSafe toys, like the ridged Puppy Ring and Puppy Bone, are ideal for outdoor training too because they’re tougher than other dental toys on the market. The soft but durable plastic toy is strong enough to play fetch with and each toy in the range can float in water - making them perfect for the beach, lake or pond!

BioSafe toys are a great investment; the BioCote technology extends the usable lifetime of the product, keeps the toy fresher for longer and are ideal for massaging puppies' gums and reducing plaque and tartar build up. What more could a puppy ask for?

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