40 Winks Bedding

A collection of luxury desirable beds for dogs, in stylish designs that complement the modern home. Machine washable and with a range of sizes and fabrics, we have something for any dog regardless of age, size or breed.

Thin Twill Beige Box Bed

Elegant Comfort for Your Pet: Introducing our Beige Pet Bed! Give your furry friend a touch of sophistication and unparalleled comfort with our Beige Pet Bed. This beautifully designed bed features a soothing beige color that complements any home decor while providing a cosy retreat for your pet. Crafted with soft and durable materials, this bed ensures a restful sleep and a happy, contented pet. Available in three sizes.

04480Small 46 x 36 x 15cm
04481Medium 61 x 46 x 20cm
04482Large 71 x 58 x 23cm
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